1 - Contact us with your ideas and goals.

2 - We will communicate with clients to develop a winning proposal.

3 - We will discuss the time frames involved, requirements, 
    administration and deliverables.

4 - We will initiate, and maintain, ongoing communications with the clients
     through the entire process.

We will write the technical section, complete the budget section, and submit 
the proposal. In addition, we can perform post administration during the 
term of the award as well as submit required reports.

Our professional rates are as follows:

• Phone consultation loaded hourly rate of $82 per hour.

• Grant and Contract Proposal Writer loaded hourly rate of $110 per hour.

• Staff support loaded hourly rate of $82 per hour.

• The total price for the services are subject to review of the package requirements.

• We do not provide volunteer or free services.

How It Works
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